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AL-Diagnostic GmbH

We carry on the outstanding precast gels from Elchrom Scientific - we set quality standards in DNA/RNA electrophoresis and oligonucleotide purification. The ready-to-use gels are based on a novel matrix and are ideal for a wide range of applications in plant, human and animal genomics.

The distribution of our precast gels is exclusively carried out by AL-Labortechnik.

Product Overview:

DNA/RNA-Precast Gels:

Optimal Size Range in bp  Resolution


50-1000    1 - 2 bp     
    EL 1200 250-800    2 bp
    EL 800 200-500    2 bp
    EL 600 150-350    2 bp
    EL 400 65-250    1 bp*
PCR CheckIT™ 100-4000     10 bp
GMA 100-450     1 bp
Poly(NAT)® 50-20000    

   2 -3%**

    9 % 180-800 
   12 % 60-300 


Electrophoresis System
Electr. Equipment



markers 1
m3 marker for spreaddex gels

M3 Marker for Spreadex® Gels

The M3 Marker was specially designed for precise size determination of unknown DNA fragments on Spreadex® gels. The complexity of the marker provides both, a suitable number of reference fragments for each Exclusion Limit (EL 300 to 1200) and its separation pattern matches the resolving power of Spreadex® gels. The marker contains over 50 DNA fragments in the size range from 50 to 622 bp. 

The fragments were produced by HaeIII digestion of pBR322 (blunt end), and Mspl and Hhal cleavage (overhangs). On Spreadex® gels, all the fragments migrate in the expected order according to their length.

M1 Marker

The M1 Marker was optimised for precise size determination of unknown DNA fragments on GMA gels, 12% and 9% Poly(NAT)® gels, as well as PCR CheckIT™ gels.

DNA fragments were obtained by digestion of pBR322 with MspI restriction enzyme. 

Technical specifications for M1 and M3:

Volume 50 µl
Loading 1 µl for EtBr staining
0.2 µl for SYBR stained gels
Storage -20° C


Markers Ordering Information:

3203 M3 Marker  50 loadings
3204 M1 Marker  50 loadings


buffers 1
  • Running Buffer
  • Sample Loading Buffer
  • PCR Loading Buffer
  • 0.2M TMAP (tetramethylammonium phosphate)
  • Solid Phase Extraction Buffer
  • Oligo Electroelution Buffer

Buffer Ordering Information:

P/N  ProductQuantity
3031 40 x Running Buffer Stock Solution, 1.2 M TAE buffer  1 l (20x50ml)
3033     Sample Loading Buffer 10 ml  10 x 1 ml
3034 Sample Loading Buffer 50 ml  50 x 1 ml

Destaining Solution

destaining solution 1

After incubation in a solution containing an intercalating dye, DNA gels are usually destained in water. The Elchrom Scientific destaining solution speeds up the destaining process and reduces gel background. This is particularly eminent in the case of Spreadex®  EL 300-500 gels and 12% Poly(NAT)® gels if stained with SYBR Green or SYBR Gold.

Typically, gels are destained for 20 - 30 min.

The destaining solution is available as a 100 x concentrate.

Destaining Solution Ordering Information:

P/NProduct Quantity
3037 DST, Destaining Solution 100x  50 ml





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